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Environmental Policy

Environmental management policy

The manager and owner of the Hotel Costa Calero Thalasso& SPA, (hereinafter Hotel) share the commitment to ensure the optimal management of the environment in their daily operations.

Recognising the impact that tourist sites have on the availability of natural resources and on climate change, we will work to ensure responsible waste management, avoid pollution, incorporate energy saving devices where possible, and encourage guests to respect and participate in our efforts to minimise the environmental impacts of the hotel.

The values and commitment of the hotel management to environmental management are as follows:

1-Continuous improvement of the management of the hotel, to minimise its environmental impact. Allocating, in a sustainable manner, the necessary resources to establish measures to reduce this impact.

2-Compliance with all legal requirements.

3-Review and update this Environmental Policy if necessary.

4-Influence our suppliers to gradually adopt measures to improve their environmental impact.

5-Preventing pollution and protecting the natural and scenic values of the environment.

6-Continuous training of our employees in environmental responsibility.

7-Communicating all our environmental initiatives to our customers, as well as encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour.

Local Performance Policy Statement 

The General Manager and Ownership of the HOTEL COSTA CALERO THALASSO & SPA (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) share a commitment to establishing and pursuing constructive relationships between the Hotel, the local community and its businesses.

The Hotel will ensure that its impact, both socially and economically, is positive and beneficial to the local community, wherever possible.

The terms of the Hotel's policy on the local community are as follows:

Member of the Sustainable Accommodation Group

The Hotel is part of the GES (Group of Sustainable Accommodation in Lanzarote). In addition to ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, the main objective of the Group is to help the local community and fight against inequality through specific projects. Another fundamental goal of GES is to educate and inform about any kind of racism and gender discrimination.

Promoting responsible tourism on the island

As a member of SPEL (Sociedad de Promoción Exterior de Lanzarote) the Hotel has the possibility to promote both the Island and the Hotel itself.

In addition to SPEL's promotional campaigns, the Hotel has its own Action Plan, which aims to increase the number of visitors to the Hotel and to Lanzarote and has an immediate positive impact on the resident community and local businesses.

On its social profiles (Facebook and Google+) the Hotel promotes the different events taking place on the Island, such as sports competitions, concerts, local fiestas, etc....

All external promotion and advertising is free from discrimination on the grounds of racism, gender and child abuse.

Protection of minors

It is in the interest of the Hotel and its staff to defend the rights of our guests, especially children: we do everything in our power to denounce and combat any kind of abuse or exploitation of minors, whether physical or moral. Our hiring policy does not allow the incorporation of workers under 18 years of age (e.g. art. 3 Law 26.390 "Prohibition of child labour and protection of adolescent labour"). Furthermore, any Hotel staff member who suspects any type of child abuse, mistreatment or exploitation is obliged to report it to the competent authority (e.g. Organic Law n.1/1196 "Law for the Legal Protection of Minors, civil duties").

If an employee detects or suspects abuse, he/she has to report it to the head of department.

Wildlife protection

The protection of the endemic animal life and the natural environment of Lanzarote is very important, especially as the island was declared a BIOSPHERE RESERVE by UNESCO in 1993.

Our purchasing department does not purchase any food from endangered animals or animals that are included in the Red List of Endangered Species.

Trading through photographs taken with captive animals is not permitted at the Hotel.

The Hotel does not sell tours to Zoos.


The Hotel works closely with the School of Hotel Management in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria to give students the opportunity to gain work experience by offering internships in the company.

The Hotel also offers free education to its employees.

Procurement of LOCAL GOODS

The hotel purchases and promotes local products from Lanzarote and the other islands that make up the Canary Archipelago, as well as from the mainland. We make sure that the quality of the products does not compromise the comfort of our guests.

The shop located in the hotel offers regional products.

This helps to reduce Co2 emissions caused by transporting products from international destinations.

All products purchased with non-returnable packaging (e.g. glass and plastic) are subject to a surcharge of a "green dot" tax. Purchasing products with "green dot" tax includes the fee for recycling and the fee for the reprocessing of other products, which means that these products are guaranteed to be recycled.

Wherever possible, the hotel tries to pay suppliers according to the stipulated credit conditions.


The hotel recognises the importance of preferentially employing local people. This increases the likelihood that resources will be reinvested in the local community. In addition, this encourages local residents to stay in the community, and not leave the island to seek employment elsewhere.

Each employee has a contract and knows the working conditions before they start work. The wage base is set by the Convenio de Hostelería de las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This guarantees that workers are not hired for less than the established wage.

The Hotel does not employ people under the age of 18.

Each employee receives (verbally and in writing) preventive measures to guarantee their safety and reduce risks at work. For each employee, there are annual training courses to provide more extensive and up-to-date information on these preventive measures. Once a year, an external company examines whether the workplace of each employee is in accordance with the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Depending on the shift, employees can have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the hotel. Every year a Christmas party is held with all hotel employees: during the party, the "Costa Cariño" award is given to the employee who has received the most votes from his or her colleagues. The winner of the "Costa Cariño" award receives a one-week stay with his or her family in one of the hotels on the island as a gift. In addition, another Christmas party is held at the Costa Calero hotel in which all children of the staff (up to the age of 11 years) participate. During the party, all children receive presents, food and participate in the entertainment programme.

The hotel offers every employee classes to broaden their knowledge. In case there are significant changes in a specific department, compulsory classes are planned for the employees of the affected department (e.g. new legislation on the use of biocides and chemicals to be used in the cleaning of hotel establishments).

The hotel has a very active policy of giving job opportunities to disabled people. It employs them in different departments and according to the abilities and needs of each one of them. Currently, six workers with these characteristics are part of our staff.

It is a priority for the company that the staff feel loved and valued, so the internal promotion of employees is of great importance in the development policy of the Hotel.

Donation and charity

The hotel donates items such as mattresses, bedding and other reusable materials to local organisations that can make use of them. In addition, the hotel actively participates and is involved in supporting and promoting local events organised by local people and its partners, offering accommodation, spa vouchers, food and volunteer staff.


Hotel Manager
Hotel Costa Calero Thalasso & Spa

Quality Policy 

The management, ownership and staff of the HOTEL COSTA CALERO THALASSO & SPA (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) are committed to offering their guests a service and facilities of the highest quality that meet the standards of safety and hygiene and quality controls.

Furthermore, they are committed to meeting the demands and expectations of the guests, as well as complying with the applicable legislation in force.

In order to comply with all this, the hotel management:

Has established a HACCP system that analyses and controls hazards and critical points to prevent eventual risks and protect guests with special sensitivities (with specific dietary needs) as marked by legislation, the competent authority in the matter and current scientific parameters derived from new food risks. On a monthly basis, an independent and external company (TRESa) monitors compliance with the parameters established for food, beverages and intoxications (legionella, salmonella...).


All staff are committed to achieving the highest quality standards in all services. To achieve, maintain and improve this objective on a regular basis, all departments carry out a series of processes that standardise this high quality level as follows:


Sets measurable and concrete objectives for each department. These targets are reviewed once a year.

  • Management inspects all departments on a daily basis to ensure that the commitment to excellence is met in all departments.
  • The Hotel Management is in direct contact with the clients and personally attends to their queries via email.


  • We comply with all current legislation, whether local, Spanish or European, which affects the processes of recycling, storage, conservation and also the hygiene and handling of food.
  • We train our staff to carry out these processes and give them refresher courses as soon as new techniques, changes in legislation or innovations in the market appear.
  • Identification badges, uniforms and other complementary material are issued to our staff, in compliance with the current regulations on safety and protection against occupational hazards.
  • In addition to our internal controls, this department is inspected by an external service (TRESa) once a month.


  • We comply with all current legislation, whether local, Spanish or European, that affects the recycling, repairs, maintenance and upkeep of the hotel's facilities.
  • We prioritise the safety of our staff and guests when carrying out repairs. For this reason, we give our guests advance notice of major repairs or any type of inconvenience linked to them, which may affect their stay.
  • Any breakdown reported by a guest will be resolved the same day and will be followed up by our staff through the hotel intranet.
  • The implementation of this type of quality protocols involves a high degree of preparation and continuous maintenance tasks. For this reason, all our staff involved in this department are trained and also receive a refresher course every time there is a change in legislation, new techniques or innovations in the market.
  • Identification badges, uniforms and other complementary material are issued to our staff, in compliance with the current regulations on safety and protection against occupational hazards.
  • In addition to our internal controls, this department is inspected by an external service (TRESa) once a month.

Cleaning and floors:

  • We comply with all current legislation, whether local, Spanish or European, which affects the processes of cleaning, hygiene, maintenance and conservation of the hotel's facilities.
  • We train our staff in these processes and give them refresher courses as soon as new techniques, changes in legislation or innovations in the market appear.
  • Identification badges, uniforms and other complementary material are issued to our staff, in compliance with current regulations on safety and protection against occupational hazards.
  • Towels are changed every day (unless otherwise specified by the client) and bed linen every three days.


  • A procedure is followed for the check-in and check-out of our guests,
  • A courtesy protocol is applied by our staff to unify the way in which this department addresses guests.
  • Identification badges, uniforms and other complementary material are issued to our staff, in compliance with the current regulations on safety and protection against occupational hazards.
  • A daily meeting is held between the staff and the head of the department to communicate and report on the events of the day. More detailed information is recorded in a shift notebook.
  • Staff in this department are trained in these protocols and also receive refresher training whenever there are changes in legislation, new techniques or innovations in the market.
  • They ensure that the Lobby is always clean and tidy.
  • Personal information provided by clients is included in a data file that is legally and officially registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Personal data is treated in accordance with current legislation.

Bars and restaurants:

  • Our bars and restaurants offer the best products available, in accordance with the quality and category of the hotel.
  • All staff are duly informed about the services, opening hours and type of food available in each of these outlets.
  • All staff are fully informed and committed to compliance and knowledge of health, safety and hygiene standards during all stages of customer service.
  • Our information boards and posters inform customers about allergenic products or ingredients, as required by current legislation.
  • Nameplates, uniforms and other complementary material are issued to our staff, in compliance with current regulations on safety and protection against occupational hazards.


  • We take care of the corporate image in all Off and On-line publications.
  • We keep the Hotel's image up to date and unified in photos, logos, descriptions and presentations.
  • We follow up on all comments and suggestions made by guests and potential guests through Trip Advisor and Facebook. We identify their needs and communicate them to the hotel management and the rest of the department, and take action when necessary.
  • We distribute quality questionnaires to our customers and follow up on their comments and opinions.
  • We inform and communicate to our collaborators and suppliers about our quality policies, novelties and improvements.
  • We complete the health and safety questionnaires that our partners send us each season with accurate and up-to-date information.
  • The collaboration contracts and tariffs signed with our partners are duly kept on file and are kept for 5 years.
  • The staff of this department are trained in these protocols and also receive refresher training whenever there are changes in legislation, new techniques or innovations in the market.

Sustainability Report 

Since the Hotel Costa Calero Thalasso & Spa began operating in 2005, it has always done so with a sustainable vision, in all aspects. Financial, Environmental and Social.

The Hotel was a pioneer as an intelligent and efficient Hotel in Lanzarote, it does not conceive its long-term profitable operation without minimising its environmental impact and contributing wealth to society.

The hotel is a reference on the island of Lanzarote for its involvement with various causes and the opening of its facilities to the entire local population. We are the reference hotel for weddings, communions and meetings. We also have one of the best Spas in Lanzarote open to the public and with a special price for residents.

When the hotel opted for this diversification in its business, it took into account not only profitability, but also the satisfaction of Lanzarote's society.

Our Environmental and Social Policies, detail in detail our commitment.

We are members of the Sustainable Accommodation Association of Lanzarote. We collaborate in all the initiatives of the association (collection of gifts for children at Christmas, bottle tops, environmental initiatives, etc...).

Hotel Costa Calero Thalasso & Spa with the environment.

2019 was a year of great environmental advances.

-Reducing the use of plastic to a minimum (following EEC guidelines):

Suppression of the use of disposable cups in swimming pool, use of recyclable straws, wooden coffee stirring spoons, suppression of butter and honey in plastic portion, by bulk butter in buffets. Elimination of plastic bottles with the introduction of returnable glass water bottles throughout the hotel. The toothpick case is made of recyclable material (not plastic). Bulk ketchub in glass bottles instead of plastic sachets. Craft paper bags have been placed in the supermarket.

We have managed to get the Yaiza Town Hall to provide us with plastic bins.

-Reduction of water consumption.

The hotel has its own desalination plant. In 2019 we installed flow reducers on the taps in the bathrooms of all rooms and public areas. The irrigation water and the hotel's hot and cold water installation are controlled by domotics. The whole hotel is domotised.

We have been installing single control taps in the kitchen to reduce water losses.

-Reduction of gas consumption.

The hotel only uses gas for cooking. A high performance geothermal heat pump was purchased, which uses the heat from the earth to heat the hotel's hot water. The pump also uses the residual heat produced by the air conditioning to heat the water.

Solar panels have been installed to produce electricity to heat the water in the swimming pools. We have also put a thermal blanket on the children's pool to maintain its temperature. This is the star project for 2019. Together with the creation of two new wells, one for capturing and the other for rejection, to improve the performance of the heat pump and make the hotel's geothermal energy work at 100%. Producing heat and cold in a more sustainable way.

More presence detectors and LED bulbs have been installed in all rooms and public areas. It is a gradual process in which we have been working for several years.

-Reducing paper waste.

We have bought washable placemats for breakfast and lunch, and stopped using paper ones.

-Improvements in the collection of all types of waste.

We have installed triple bins (organic, paper and plastic) throughout the hotel. In addition to other bins in the pool area, to collect all methacrylate glasses that are washed again.

Hotel Costa Calero Thalasso & Spa Corporate Social Responsibility

-Our commitment to our employees:

The Hotel Costa Calero Thalasso & Spa is not a chain hotel and this has been a determining factor in the formation and coexistence of the current team of employees.

It is not a mere labour relationship that unites us with our collaborators, where the company only fulfils all its labour obligations, as it could not be otherwise.

Our collaborators are taken into account in all aspects (service improvements, future investments, security, concerns, training needs, personal needs, etc...).

A large percentage of the staff has been with us since the opening or almost. The relationship we have in our hotel is a family one. Many of our collaborators have started from basic positions and now occupy different management positions.

Each year we offer the courses that best suit the interests of our employees and the needs of the hotel.

Every year the hotel organises a Christmas party for its employees and a Christmas party for the children of its employees (where every employee and every child receives a gift). We also choose the most appreciated employee among the colleagues and reward him/her. The "Costa Cariño".

The treatment is familiar, close and available among all the collaborators. The management and the bosses, although demanding to maintain the high standard of services, always meet the needs of their collaborators.

-Our commitment to society:

Unlike other hotel establishments, the hotel decided from the beginning of its operation to be available to the inhabitants of the island. Both in terms of its facilities and in terms of collaboration and local initiatives.

The hotel collaborates selflessly with several football teams on the island, associations of retired people, cultural/sports activities, foundations, and a long etc....

We are the hotel of reference for the celebration of events of maximum importance for the inhabitants of the islands, weddings, communions, etc... The hotel is not only limited to celebrate them. Every moment is planned according to the wishes of our clients, every wedding, communion, etc... is organised and adapted to the dreams that each client had for that day.

The profitability of our social commitment is measured in the happiness we bring to the inhabitants of this island.

The Hotel never invested large sums of money in advertising, because it decided to let its commitment to society speak for itself.

Our Thalasso Spa has a special price for residents and is a place of reference for the Lanzarote society. The local client, whether staying at the hotel or not, has been living together with the hotel guests since the opening of the hotel with total normality.

Luis Merino
Food and Beverage Manager
Responsible for the Environment.

Hotel Costa Calero Thalasso & SPA

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